Thursday, March 17, 2011

Conference "Uncensored"

Yesterday, I took a day off from work, and went to a conference for event planners, "Uncensored" in San Diego. Got up at 5am, and off I went.

I made the PowerPoint presentation for Gianna, who's speaking at this conference.
She invited me over as her guest and let me in for free. Yay!
(The admission is a couple hundred dollars!!)

                                                                                                                                                             (@ Uncensored)

I learned SO MUCH!!!!!

I learned:
what to say when a potential client just wants to know your price,
how to advertise/market your service,
how to determine your target market and
much much more information that was so useful.

There were some industry beginners just like me, and there were also veteran planners who've been in this business for years. I met a couple of people from other states like Florida or Atlanta. It was definitely encouraging to see so many women, most of whom are married and have children, ARE successful doing what I would like to do one day.


The biggest accomplishment I got this day was ME!

As I mentioned on this post, I couldn't really "network" like I wanted to at the last conference I went to.


This time, I was different.
Maybe it was the experiences I gained by interning for several months, but whatever it was,
I was able to walk up and talk to a couple of people without hesitation.

One of the people I talked to was an event planner who came from Hawaii.
He told me that in Hawaii, there is a huge need for planners who can both understand Japanese and American cultures. (Japanese LOVE to get married in Hawaii.)

What... wait a minute... 

That is exactly ME!!!

I like the urban lifestyle, so it'll be a hard adjustment for me to move there.
(I can't even swim, so beach is not really my cup of tea either.)

But regardless, to know that there is a niche market that I might be able to marvel at one day, was very very encouraging.

If anyone wants to sign up for the next conference, it'll be in Austin from October 10-12.
Register here.

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