Friday, September 24, 2010


Yesterday's wedding event ...

The venue and the concept was excellent,
but I thought it was a bit disorganized...
Maybe because it was their first time?

But anyway.
I can't be making comments when I wasn't such a super star myself.

I was so pumped and ready to make connections at this event.
But as soon as I got to the site, my mouth was shut like a clam.

Women in LA are very beautiful.
90% of the participants were women and most of them were brides-to-be.
They all had the aura of "I'm the happiest person on earth."
So, I got intimidated by that. Lame, I know.

After standing in the corner by myself for a while,
I slapped myself some courage to start talking to people.
I went up to a couple of booths set up by the people
who write wedding blogs I check out every day.
But I could NOT carry the conversation for Pete's sake!!!

And I remembered my not-so-strong suit.


Especially, when it comes "selling myself"?
I'm very bad at that. This is definitely something I need to work on.


And then...

I was (mentally) kicking myself for not being able to find the conversation opener.
So, I decided to stand in the line for the bar. (Well?)

A girl (young, maybe in her mid 20's) came up to two women who were standing right behind me and said "Are you guys in line?"

And just like that, she started talking to them. 
It turned out, that she's an aspiring planner just like myself.
And what do you know.. those ladies are event planners!
The ladies were like "Oh, we're planners too. Good luck!"
At the end of the conversation, the girl handed out her resume to them.

Wow. That was a nice kick in my butt.
I was very impressed (and envious) how easy it seemed for that girl to start opening up to people.

I know that this was my first industry event to attend.
And I was more insecure than necessary because I have no experiences yet.
I shouldn't beat myself up TOO much.

But I'm definitely disappointed that I could only collect business cards from the booths without saying a word.

FAIL... :(

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