Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Wedding Planner?

I love love LOVE the feeling of being a part of creating something together with a team.
That’s why I studied production/broadcasting in college and went into TV production.
And that’s why I love planning parties and a little get-together.

Then why not go back to the TV production or corporate event planner like I used to?
And why "wedding" now?

When I was little, my dad used to videotape his coworker’s weddings and edit that to make their personalized wedding video. Mind you, it was in the early 80’s. So the video camera was as big as an old-school boom box, and his editing was done using two regular VCR players.

I watched my dad go through the footage over and over, and turn it into this wonderful piece full of emotion and joy. There was this one particular song he used all the time ("Ballade pour Adeline" by Richard Clayderman), and I got goose bumps whenever I heard that song.

My favorite parts of the video were the parts of a bride getting ready and a newly-wed saying thank you to their parents at the end of the reception.
I always teared up when I saw the bride bowed her head (usually crying) to thank her dad.

So I always had this "thing" with weddings.
I want to feel that goose bumps.
I want to help create that goose bumps for someone else.
One day, THAT will be my job. How awesome would that be?

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