Thursday, March 24, 2011

Believe in Yourself

The panel discussion I got most inspired by at the conference "Uncensored" was the one with Ms. Wanda Wen, who is the founder and CEO of a paper/stationary company, Soolip.

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16 years ago, she decided to establish her own company for her life-time passion for "paper."

She said there were people who thought she was crazy for leaving her 11-year successful career in fashion and opening up a store of "paper" when everything was in the trend to be digital. But she believed in her passion and created Soolip.

Soolip is now a well established high-end paper boutique favored by celebrities, etc.

She said the key to her success was to listen to her heart and respect herself.

I almost teared up when she said this:

"Know what makes you happy.

Know what you are passionate about.

And that is what you do!!"

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