Monday, June 27, 2011

Dwell on Design

I volunteered as an interpreter at Dwell on Design event last Fri and Sun.
I was at a booth by an Italian company Designboom who curated 8 different Japanese artists.
There are a couple of artists who couldn't speak English at all, so I was there to interpret for them during their demonstrations, interviews and to answer questions from customers.

I was on my feet from 10 am till 4pm all day and by end of each day, I was dead tired.



                                                                                           (all pictures from Dwell on Design event at Yakitate booth)

All the artists I worked with were nice and the event itself was great too, so time really flew.

And I reaffirmed that I really REALLY like being on the "site."
I get to meet all kinds of people and everyday is different. 
I find it very much enjoyable to act accordingly in every situation.

At this event, I was there as an interpreter, not as planner or coordinator, but for someone like me who's trying to become a bilingual coordinator, this was a great experience.

I wish I can do this kind of job in a regular basis soon.
One step at a time...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Events, events, events!

I have a FULL weekend ahead of me this weekend.

Friday, I'm taking a day off from regular job and going to attend the Dwell on Design event at the convention center as a volunteer. My old co-worker invited me to work. I've never worked at an event at this scale, so I'm SUPER excited!! I'm supposed to be helping out with interpretation and reception at Japanese artists' booth.

Saturday, I have an internship gig at a wedding for Gianna.
She has started giving me more responsibilities, and I feel honored.
I know it sounds weird, but whenever I see my name on the timeline for the wedding,
I get really happy. I feel motivated more than ever when I feel like I'm part of the team.

Sunday, I go back to the Dwell event once again.

I'm going to be super tired by the end of the weekend, but I'm SO stoked!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boobs, Booze & Brunch

We threw an all-girls brunch party for my BFF Karena's birthday.
It was held at her house (which I live in too).
We cleaned up the backyard a couple of weeks ago and hustled some more cleaning the day before.
The house looked fabulous!

Karena did all the cooking and I did the flowers.

Our friend Jade, who does a catering business had her own station
to make poached eggs or grill breads, etc.

Karena, being the perfect host, prepared a favor for everyone to bring home.

It was sort of like a surprise giveaway.
All the guests were asked to grab this small jar with marbles in it and
go outside for further instruction by Jade.

After Jade poured heavy cream and pinch of salt in it, guests were asked to shake the jar.

And after vigorous shaking.... tada!!
It becomes butter!! Cool, isn't it?

All the decorations and favor was Karena's idea/creation.

It was supposed to be an early summer pool party... but it was SUPER windy that day.
So nobody went into a pool. Just a few people in the jacuzzi.
But we played a foodie game, and with 15 girls all boozing and chatting it up, we had a blast!

Happy birthday, Karena!