Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wayfares Chapel

As I promised myself, I visited the Wayfares Chapel, aka "Glass Chapel" this weekend.

It's located in the south end of Rancho Palos Verdes.
It took me about an hour to get there from LAX area.
Granted, it was a GOURGEOUS drive along the coast, yet it was a pretty long drive.
(I would definitely suggest a shuttle service if any of my future clients were to use this chapel for the ceremony.)

The chapel stands on the hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

As you walk in from the parking lot, you see the water fountain.
The glass building behind the fountain is the chapel.

The chapel is surrounded by gardens.
From the front garden, it looks like as if the chapel stands in the forest.
(Apparently, that was the architect, Lloyd Wright's intention. For details, read here.)

The view from the front garden is outstanding.

The chapel itself looked smaller in person.
But according to the staff, it fits 100 guests comfortably.

Small or not, the architecture of the chapel was beautiful.
I bet this is a great location for someone who wants a small and intimate ceremony.

It welcomes people with all religious background, including the same gender ceremony.
When I was there, one of the staff said to me,

"Yeah. We all have one god, right?"

I like that.

(Back of the chapel)

(Flower in the garden)

(View of the ocean from the back of the chapel)

With the breathtaking view of the ocean, interesting architecture, and open-minded policy for different religious backgrounds, I get why this chapel is very popular among Japanese couples who want to get married in LA.

It's like the epitome of the Southern California wedding.

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