Monday, October 10, 2011

GAP event @ House of Blues

About a month ago, I helped Gianna run a charity show in House of Blues.

It was an fundraising event for an organization called, Grandparents As Parents (GAP).
We had the celebrity MC by McKenzie Wesmore and performance by Deena Martin (daughter of Dean Martin), who was really a good entertainer.

I went up and down the stairs (mostly running) about million times that day.
Tiring, but definitely fun times.

It was my first time helping out Gianna with the event other than weddings.
The principle is the same: To make the client happy.
But there are so many different elements from weddings and I really enjoy it.
It was a good change of scene.

The most cool part was that after the event, Gianna told me, that Deena Martin thought Gianna and her PARTNER (yours truly!!!) totally ran the show and we work for House of Blues.
The fact she thought I was Gianna's "partner" was cool enough
and she thought we work for HOB? That was pretty awesome.

More details on the event, see Gianna's blog here.

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