Monday, June 27, 2011

Dwell on Design

I volunteered as an interpreter at Dwell on Design event last Fri and Sun.
I was at a booth by an Italian company Designboom who curated 8 different Japanese artists.
There are a couple of artists who couldn't speak English at all, so I was there to interpret for them during their demonstrations, interviews and to answer questions from customers.

I was on my feet from 10 am till 4pm all day and by end of each day, I was dead tired.



                                                                                           (all pictures from Dwell on Design event at Yakitate booth)

All the artists I worked with were nice and the event itself was great too, so time really flew.

And I reaffirmed that I really REALLY like being on the "site."
I get to meet all kinds of people and everyday is different. 
I find it very much enjoyable to act accordingly in every situation.

At this event, I was there as an interpreter, not as planner or coordinator, but for someone like me who's trying to become a bilingual coordinator, this was a great experience.

I wish I can do this kind of job in a regular basis soon.
One step at a time...

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