Monday, July 11, 2011

Weddings at Disney Hall

Two weekends in a row, I worked at a wedding for Gianna and Company at Disney Hall in downtown LA.

The same venue, but two completely different weddings.
One was held outside at Blue Ribbon garden area for both ceremony and reception, and other was held inside for the reception (ceremony was at a church).

The architecture of the building is, without a doubt, AMAZING.
I can see why so many couples pop in to just to take pictures.
(And it's free to do so).

Both weddings had rather simple settings,
but they were both great experiences for me.

Little things, but new and valuable things I learned:
So many elements to think about for outside weddings: Wind, sundown time, when to put the cake out (would the cake melt if it's too hot?), etc.
And a venue with union staff members like this one is a little tricky.
(It just takes a lot of steps to get a thing done.)

Once again, I feel alive and most content when I'm at an event.
Living the dream!!

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