Sunday, December 30, 2012

Venue scouting for next year's wedding!

I'll be coordinating a wedding next year for a new couple. The gloom and I went to the same high school in Japan. Fast forward 16 years, I'll be coordinating his wedding in LA. Life certainly has interesting twist.
The couple used to live in LA and now lives in NY. Since most of their friends are in LA and it's easier for their family to travel to LA from Japan and Hong Kong, they decided to have a wedding in LA.

Yesterday, we went to a couple places for a location scout.
They are looking for a vintage feel venue, and they decided to check out the Mission Inn in Riverside.

It was my first time visiting this hotel also. And man, oh man, this hotel looks like a castle!!

My favorite part was their beautiful chapel.

But this hotel wasn't quite "it" for them. Personally, it looked a little Disneyland-ish. But they do everything in-house, so if someone wants to have a destination wedding and not think about details, they're a perfect venue.

We checked out a couple other places. One of which was my ultimate favorite wedding venue in Los Angeles, Cicada. It definitely has a vintage feel they want and it's drop dead gorgeous. We shall see what they decide!

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