Friday, July 30, 2010

It's never too late

The other day, I was watching a reality TV show "Dad Camp."
This is the show (which is great, btw) about training the failing group of dad-to-be to become responsible dads.

During the show, a therapist said to one of the loser dads

"It's never too late to pursue your dream."

And that really hit me.

I got a 9-5 office job, thinking that I just want a stable job after being burned out by all those long hours and sleepless nights of TV production in LA and event planning job in Tokyo.
But after having the current job (translation) for a couple of years, I want to have a creative career more than ever. I want to do event planning, especially wedding.

But I didn't really make a move about it.

My excuses were:
I'm still under a working visa with the current company...
I can't switch jobs until I get the green card...
And that's going to take another couple of years...

I thought, even if I start something, like going to school for it, 
I can't change jobs now anyway...
So, I put everything on hold so that I wouldn't bring my hopes up.
I kind of gave up on proceeding with my new-found dream.

I was also hesitated to start something new again at my age (early 30s).

I did take flower arrangement classes and read wedding etiquette books,
but I didn't take any major steps.

But, watching the show and hearing what the therapist was saying gave me the courage!
(Strange what can trigger things... )

I googled wedding planners who have offices near my house
and contacted them if they would hire any interns.


One thing let another, I got an internship gig with a wedding planner out in Glendale!!!

I don't make any money since it's an internship,
and I can only work on the weekends.
But I'll get the tremendous hands-on experiences.

The company that hired me is Gianna & Company.
Gianna is a planner who has a television production background. (And so do I!)
She started her own wedding and event business about 8 years ago.
I think I can learn a lot from her.

I'm SO happy that I took the first step.
Just like that, I got my foot in the door.
All I need was a little step.
A little step for mankind, but giant step for this dreamer!!!

My first event as an intern will be a wedding on August 29. I can't wait!!!

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